Wedding rings

The wedding ring is a sign of a commitment for one another and represents the love, honour and faithfulness that you have for your spouse. … Once you exchange vows with your partner and put the wedding ring on their finger, there is an understanding that you will be together from now until eternity. Diamonds are a girls best friend and this is your time to shine.

The proposal!

The plans, the nerves, the location, the answer… and maybe most importantly…the ring! Perhaps the lady gets to choose the ring or maybe it’s a surprise , either way she will be (hopefully) filled with joy and excitement for the future and keen to start making plans. It starts with the ring and it starts here so good luck!

Wedding cake with turquoise cakes in Tiffany style

Prestigious and classy looking delicious wedding cake with a nod towards the stand out Tiffany turquoise color that is instantly recognizable . Moist bouncy sponge and to die for icing, spread the sweet taste of love among your family and friends. Let the cake rest on its most glorious pedestal in pride of place whilst it awaits it’s big moment to shine and wow the guests, the ceremonial cutting of the cake followed by the loved up couple sharing a slice and having this captured by the photographer for everlasting memories.

Stylish wedding cake

Looking for a classy, stylish unique and stand out wedding cake? This 3 tier creation will capture the attention of your guests and their mouths will be watering from the sight of it. Inspired by the ever popular marble affect styling and accessorized with bright and bold forest fruits , this cake will take pride of place on it’s pedestal whilst it awaits its big moment where the happy newly weds will slice it and share it, it won’t be hard for the photographer to catch the cakes good side as it has no bad one! Enjoy!

Head over heels bachelorette girls

A trio of cute bachelorette laying head over heels on a bed, last night of freedom…? Spend it with your favorite girls pampering yourselves and having girly chats to help alleviate any nerves that might be creeping in. Stay up late drinking the champers and taking selfies to remember this night forever.

Team bride

There ain’t no team like team bride ! Carefully selected and much loved, each one has a role and their presence in your nuptials is most coveted and enjoyed. Your squad of girls are eclectic and unique and each bring something different to the party, one is the leader, one the organizer, one the joker and one the sensible chic who keeps all the heels I mean feet on the ground! Get the matching silk pj’s on and relax in luxury whilst you look forward to the special times ahead.

Bridesmaid adds the finishing touches to the brides dress.

Chief bridesmaid or maid of honor, the finishing touches to your spectacular show stopping outfit will be executed with precision by your right hand girl, your lady in waiting. This iconic image of a bride being tended to by her most trusted friend is iconic, classical and inspiring , as well as being entirely relatable. The viewer is left desperate to see the whole outfit of the bride as we can only catch a glimpse of the intricate lace and beading as well as being teased by the tulle skirt.

Stunning brunette in white bikini

Serene yet sexy , this image screams young beautiful bride relaxing on her honeymoon after the pomp and chaos of a much enjoyed wedding. Looking out to the ocean and reminiscing over the memories whilst her new and handsome husband prepares an alfresco lunch.

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