They call it puppy love, will you marry me?

So they call it puppy love but will you marry me? I nose you want to! Who can resist this gorgeous Border Collie pup and his very big question? Dogs are family so lets make it official and pup the question I mean pop! Diamonds are a girls best friend and dogs are man’s best friend so there’s no better combination to create a much coveted union of eternal family bond so get to making plans and memories for your big romantic day.

Outdoor wedding arch for rustic summer weddings

Bohemian, rustic and charming, outdoor wedding arches draped in elegant fabrics and adorned with beautiful flowers. What a backdrop for your open air nuptials, romantic and full of promise. Stunning photos of you and your spouse  can be taken under this must have accessory  and you’ll be wowed for years to come at your ethereal beauty and glamour . Keep it simple with classic bridal colors or add splashes of colorful brilliance to match your theme and very own wedding brand.

Eye catching and on- trend table decorations for your wedding of the year

Wow your guests with eye catching and stylish decorations for not only your top table but your family and friends alike . Match and create your own theme that runs through the entire day with coordinating colors and designs that begin with the save the date cards and end with the thank you cards with beautiful table decorations as the stand out center piece . Choose from multiple styles and create your very own vision, from Rustic to Elegant to floral to vintage… the choice is yours.

’Happy feet, Happy Day’ A happy bride must have perfect fitting wedding shoes

Perfectly  fitting and comfortable wedding day shoes make for a happy bride on her wedding day.  It’s one thing to pick out diamanté encrusted towering Strappy sandals that add sparkle and shimmer to a wedding ensemble, but if they pinch, cut and torture your tootsies then the effect is not worth the pain of gorgeous shoes. We all know the excruciating and event-crushing ruination of wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes, and one’s wedding day should not be marred by blisters and wincing tears. Whatever style you choose buy a half size larger and wear them each day for a half hour to break them in.

‘Something Blue’ bridal garter wedding accessories

bridal garter garter wedding accessories bridal

The traditional  bridal rhyme of wearing ‘something old, something new, something borrowed , something blue,and a [silver] sixpence in her shoe’ goes back to  Victorian times. The old item provides protection for the baby to come. The new item offers optimism for the future. The item borrowed from another happily married couple provides good luck. The colour blue is a sign of purity and fidelity. The sixpence— a British silver coin— is a symbol of prosperity or acts as a ward against evil done by frustrated suitors. Today modern brides find a blue satin garter works just as well.

Cocktails and Canapes for One

2021 has firmly established a new trend for individuality in food and beverage offerings. Hospitality for a group, no matter how small, means distance, not contact.

Sharing family-style dishes is no longer a sign of caring.

Double-dipping is anathema and practically an imprisonable offense at social gatherings.

No longer are platters displayed for public consumption in a “free-for-all” manner.

Gone are finger foods and self-serve tureens and casseroles.

No, this is the age of the sanitized single portion, so anything consumed or used to serve it must never be touched or repurposed.

Hosts must now prepare food and drink for guests like they are planning a military mission, with its separation on a scale akin to an FDA laboratory trial.

Wedding planners have inventively suggested individually served signature cocktails like canned Moscow Mules and baby Champagne splits. These items can be custom labelled in metallic foil with the wedding couple’s names or initials, thereby lessening the homeliness of a metal container or plastic cup.

Canapes are also now presented as single serve in similar containers with pretty labels, or on custom monogrammed platters with the wedding couple’s cipher displayed.

The idea of a pre-packed cocktail and hors d’oeuvres box is another precaution at some weddings and parties. Think of it as a glamorous and grown-up version of the packed lunch, with nibbles and drinks all separately packaged in a charming and personalized container that the guests can take home. Wicker picnic baskets, customized canvas tote bags and even wedding themed boxes make a lasting and memorable impression, even when emptied of the yummy contents.

Change the Date

A generation ago, it was not common to send Save the Date reminders in any form, other than a well-timed telephone call.

Enter the Millennials and it was not uncommon to see Save the Date photo cards, fridge magnets and post cards proudly adorning the gleaming stainless-steel facia of their open plan kitchen appliances.

Now, after more than a year of lockdowns, variant strains, super-spreader events and second and third wave rises, the Save the Date stands to be over-shadowed by a Change the Date card to delay, postpone and reschedule weddings and other momentous anniversaries.

Texting and social media entries aside, it is now more common to send out Change the Date cards with wit and stand-offish humor than straightforward details.

Some couples have chosen catchy and funny title phrases like “Let’s Try This Again!” or “One More Time!”

Others have used lyrics from well-known songs, like Etta James’ “At Last!” or a retro 90s joyful tune like CeCe Peniston’s house tune “Finally!” to deliver the cancellation.

Whether it’s final or canceled, a printed party or wedding announcement is sure not to get deleted in error, or worse, remain unread.


Spring 2021 Wedding Color Trend: The Blues Have It

With the first peeping heads of the blue crocus, a hue of rich dark blue pops up, and for the second year in a row, is voted as the number one-color choice for wedding fabrics and papers.

Blues ranging from navy to royal to sky are proving to be a firm choice for both wedding attire, accessories and decor.

Softer than a harsher, more wintery black, navy blue makes a handsome backdrop for softer pales and pastels, particularly for the groom and groomsmen suiting. Paired with skin tone peaches and pinks, navy blue is a classic and tasteful staple.

Navy papers rely on metallic flourishes like gold or silver foiling, and contrasting trims and bands, for accents.

More nautical are the royals and mid-blues like cornflower, periwinkle, French blue and corporate blue.

These blues look fresh and modern and especially smart when paired with white or bolder primary colors.

Pastel blue or powdery, baby blue has graced viewers’ imagination of late, by way of a saucy Regency period drama; in particular, the ethereal Blue Ball hosted by His Grace himself, the sumptuous Lord of the series. Acidic neon and overblown damask florals against this pale blue palette illustrate how to combine sartorial history with a neo twist.

Whichever range or tone of blue is selected, the complimentary colors are lifted against the calming and soothing hallmarks of any color blue.

Micro Weddings

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Micro Weddings

In the quarantine lockdown age of COVID, weddings have been forced to squeeze into the permissible and safe space allowed by medical advice, local dictates and good common sense.

Usher in the arrival of the Micro wedding—a smaller, more intimate, more personalized (and in some cases virtual) experience, with fewer guests and more creative venues, with many taking to the outdoors for safety, or, because the chosen hall of their dreams is now shuttered and closed.

With matters now downsized and more diminutive, the wedding couple can splash out on the details. Tents, with elegant draping, swags and even curtains can mimic grander interiors, plus allow for the all-important social distancing factor. Not only flowers adorn the décor—trees can be used now without the added cost, care and transport.

No skimping on invitations, wedding stationery and day of papers either. Now that the budget is freed up from reducing the guest list, papers and cards can be gilded and foiled on pricier, heavier papers, with matching labels and stickers. Favors, gift boxes and custom welcome bags can contain useful essentials like personalized hand sanitizer and hand wipes, and monogrammed face masks in the wedding colors.

Don’t think micro means a small event—think of the micro wedding as more elaborate and more dramatic.