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Micro Weddings

In the quarantine lockdown age of COVID, weddings have been forced to squeeze into the permissible and safe space allowed by medical advice, local dictates and good common sense.

Usher in the arrival of the Micro wedding—a smaller, more intimate, more personalized (and in some cases virtual) experience, with fewer guests and more creative venues, with many taking to the outdoors for safety, or, because the chosen hall of their dreams is now shuttered and closed.

With matters now downsized and more diminutive, the wedding couple can splash out on the details. Tents, with elegant draping, swags and even curtains can mimic grander interiors, plus allow for the all-important social distancing factor. Not only flowers adorn the décor—trees can be used now without the added cost, care and transport.

No skimping on invitations, wedding stationery and day of papers either. Now that the budget is freed up from reducing the guest list, papers and cards can be gilded and foiled on pricier, heavier papers, with matching labels and stickers. Favors, gift boxes and custom welcome bags can contain useful essentials like personalized hand sanitizer and hand wipes, and monogrammed face masks in the wedding colors.

Don’t think micro means a small event—think of the micro wedding as more elaborate and more dramatic.

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