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Spring 2021 Wedding Color Trend: The Blues Have It

With the first peeping heads of the blue crocus, a hue of rich dark blue pops up, and for the second year in a row, is voted as the number one-color choice for wedding fabrics and papers.

Blues ranging from navy to royal to sky are proving to be a firm choice for both wedding attire, accessories and decor.

Softer than a harsher, more wintery black, navy blue makes a handsome backdrop for softer pales and pastels, particularly for the groom and groomsmen suiting. Paired with skin tone peaches and pinks, navy blue is a classic and tasteful staple.

Navy papers rely on metallic flourishes like gold or silver foiling, and contrasting trims and bands, for accents.

More nautical are the royals and mid-blues like cornflower, periwinkle, French blue and corporate blue.

These blues look fresh and modern and especially smart when paired with white or bolder primary colors.

Pastel blue or powdery, baby blue has graced viewers’ imagination of late, by way of a saucy Regency period drama; in particular, the ethereal Blue Ball hosted by His Grace himself, the sumptuous Lord of the series. Acidic neon and overblown damask florals against this pale blue palette illustrate how to combine sartorial history with a neo twist.

Whichever range or tone of blue is selected, the complimentary colors are lifted against the calming and soothing hallmarks of any color blue.

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