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Change the Date

A generation ago, it was not common to send Save the Date reminders in any form, other than a well-timed telephone call.

Enter the Millennials and it was not uncommon to see Save the Date photo cards, fridge magnets and post cards proudly adorning the gleaming stainless-steel facia of their open plan kitchen appliances.

Now, after more than a year of lockdowns, variant strains, super-spreader events and second and third wave rises, the Save the Date stands to be over-shadowed by a Change the Date card to delay, postpone and reschedule weddings and other momentous anniversaries.

Texting and social media entries aside, it is now more common to send out Change the Date cards with wit and stand-offish humor than straightforward details.

Some couples have chosen catchy and funny title phrases like “Let’s Try This Again!” or “One More Time!”

Others have used lyrics from well-known songs, like Etta James’ “At Last!” or a retro 90s joyful tune like CeCe Peniston’s house tune “Finally!” to deliver the cancellation.

Whether it’s final or canceled, a printed party or wedding announcement is sure not to get deleted in error, or worse, remain unread.


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