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Cocktails and Canapes for One

2021 has firmly established a new trend for individuality in food and beverage offerings. Hospitality for a group, no matter how small, means distance, not contact.

Sharing family-style dishes is no longer a sign of caring.

Double-dipping is anathema and practically an imprisonable offense at social gatherings.

No longer are platters displayed for public consumption in a “free-for-all” manner.

Gone are finger foods and self-serve tureens and casseroles.

No, this is the age of the sanitized single portion, so anything consumed or used to serve it must never be touched or repurposed.

Hosts must now prepare food and drink for guests like they are planning a military mission, with its separation on a scale akin to an FDA laboratory trial.

Wedding planners have inventively suggested individually served signature cocktails like canned Moscow Mules and baby Champagne splits. These items can be custom labelled in metallic foil with the wedding couple’s names or initials, thereby lessening the homeliness of a metal container or plastic cup.

Canapes are also now presented as single serve in similar containers with pretty labels, or on custom monogrammed platters with the wedding couple’s cipher displayed.

The idea of a pre-packed cocktail and hors d’oeuvres box is another precaution at some weddings and parties. Think of it as a glamorous and grown-up version of the packed lunch, with nibbles and drinks all separately packaged in a charming and personalized container that the guests can take home. Wicker picnic baskets, customized canvas tote bags and even wedding themed boxes make a lasting and memorable impression, even when emptied of the yummy contents.

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